Back in 2012, Greg Poe founded progressive streetwear brand Black Republik. After being a club promoter for many years, Greg felt it was necessary to take on a new challenge. During the beginning years, the main focus of the brand was designing shirts that matched with the latest & hottest sneakers. After drawing up a few designs, on September 1st, 2012 the "Your B!tch Ties My Jays" t-shirt hit the market. With a creative mindset behind the brand, Black Republik quickly grew an interest from the general public. The North Carolina company is driven by freedom of speech and that's what is helping the brand grow & prosper. During a 2014 interview, Greg Poe was asked about his creativeness and he simply replied with "My creativeness comes from great sex, music and women." Its going on Black Republik's fourth year in business and they have so much more to offer.